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The Rich History of The Australian Hotel

The Rich History of The Australian Hotel
on 10 April 2024 in Uncategorized

The Aussie: A Historic Watering Hole

The Australian Hotel, formerly known as the St George Hotel, has a rich history dating back to the mid-19th century. Originally established by David Roberts in April 1864, it was one of the earliest hotel licenses granted in St George, Australia. David and Elizabeth Roberts, who hailed with their 14 children, from Pitt Town, NSW, were the original proprietors of the establishment, which stood on the same site where the Australian Hotel now stands.

The St George Hotel was transferred to James Cavanaugh in November 1865. By 1873, St George was home to five public houses, despite having a population of only 200 people. Under the ownership of Morice Goldstone between 1880 and 1881, it was renamed the Australian Hotel. It changed hands again, transferring to J. Brigston who retained ownership until 1890 and introduced billiards as an attraction. During this time, George Kirk from a local farming property ‘Gulnarbar’ hosted a gala ball at the hotel in April 1886. Guests enjoyed 21 dances staying until 4am until the next morning, and most came back that evening for a repeat performance.

Ownership of the hotel passed to W. Mitchell in 1891, then to J. Mitchell from 1892-94, to R. Galton (a former hospital wardsman) from 1895-98 and to M.F. Cussen from 1899-1909. Mrs A.M. Galton had the hotel from 1911-20 and advertised good stable and paddock accommodation with a reliable groom always in attendance’ and a fashionable Alcock billiard table.

In November 1939, a new chapter began for the Australian Hotel when a new building was built on the site, replacing the previous structure. The opening party, attended by 180 guests, was hosted by licensee Miss D. Tuite, signaling the start of a new era for this historic watering hole.