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The Self-Drive Cotton Trail

The Self-Drive Cotton Trail
on 04 April 2024 in Uncategorized

Cotton Blossom Season: A Scenic Drive through St. George

Exploring the Cotton Self-Drive in the St. George region is particularly delightful, especially during April and May when the cotton blossoms. Covering 94km of well-marked roads, it starts at the Balonne Shire Visitor Information Centre where you can purchase cotton oil lotion and soap. Along the way, you’ll encounter five major sights.

Begin with a leisurely stroll along the riverfront and St George’s terrace to the Jack Taylor Weir-Andrew Nixon Bridge. Be sure to cross the bridge to admire both the serene river and the rushing weir. Next, head 22km north to Beardmore Dam, offering a lush picnic spot and scenic viewing platforms overlooking the waterway.

Continue through the St George Irrigation Area into cotton country, and proceed to the tranquil Buckinbah Weir for another serene pause. Finally, drive past picturesque cotton fields to reach St George Cotton Gin before completing the 1.5-2 hour loop back in town.